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PVC-U profiles for windowsSOFTLINE 70 AD

SOFTLINE 70 AD with 70 mm basic basic depth is the classic in the VEKA profile range. Its timeless design with the slightly rounded contour and particularly narrow face widths is also found in the subsequent profile generations. 

Like all VEKA systems, SOFTLINE 70 AD with its comprehensive range of additional profiles offers a wide variety of design options for efficient window production. Even highly insulating triple glazing can be used in SOFTLINE 70 AD if the sash dimensions are not too large.

Class A profiles offer measurably more performance

VEKA window and door profiles have outer wall thicknesses of 3.0 mm on the visible surfaces and 2.7 mm in the rebate or connection area (tolerance 0.2 mm in each case). According to DIN EN 12608, these are therefore profile systems of the highest class. What’s more: In Germany, VEKA is even the only manufacturer that exclusively produces Class A plastic profile systems. In order to reliably achieve these particularly high wall thicknesses, VEKA uses around 14% more material in profile production than would be sufficient for lower class B profiles.

The fact that the higher wall thickness of class A profiles actually results in higher performance is proven by extensive measurements. The series of tests in material testing at VEKA showed that windows made of class A profiles have 15-20 % higher corner strength compared to those made of class B profiles. Dimensional stability is also greater, as shown by 10-12% less deflection under load. Also measured was the force required to pull bolts out of the profile: this is up to 20% greater for Class A profiles than for less strong-walled Class B profiles.


Technical data

System depth 

View widths min.

Glass thickness max.

Sash width max.

Sash height max.

Uf value

Sound insulation Rw

Wind load resistance

Water tightness against driving rain

Air permeability

Burglar resistance

Wall thickness

70 mm

Fixed field: 58 mm / Frame and sash: 99 mm

42 mm

1400 mm

2500 mm

up to 1.3 W/(m²K)

up to 44 dB

up to class B5

until class 9A

until class 4

until RC2

Class A in accordance with DIN EN 12608-1

Highest VEKA quality:
Class A profile to DIN EN 12608 with an outer wall thickness of 3 mm and 2.7 mm walls in the rebate and connection area (tolerance ±0.2 mm in each case)
Galvanized metal reinforcements

Make a significant contribution to static safety, load transfer and dimensional stability, thus ensuring many years of functional safety and strong burglar resistance


Semi flush area

SOFTLINE 82 MD opens up additional design options, as the system is available in a recessed as well as in a semi flush area version. Thus, the windows can be perfectly adapted to any architectural style